Exterior paint tips

What does an exterior paint color say about you?  The exterior of your home is its first impression.  Are the owners trendy, traditional, family oriented, young, old or crazy?  Exterior paint colors also add value to your home.  Well painted homes, with the right color, may be perceived as more expensive.

Condition of home

Faded, cracked paint will give the impression that other areas of the home may not have been maintained.  A freshly painted home shows that their was pride in ownership and that the owners keep up with the repairs.  Curb appeal can make all the difference in how long a home is on the market.

Even if you own it, you still might have rules

Homeowners’ Associations were put into place to prevent devaluing neighborhoods.  I know!  It is crazy that we have the right to carry a gun, but can not make the decision on the color of our home.  We even pay them to make sure we do not make a bad decision.  Make sure to check with your HOA before painting.  You may be fined.  Also, make sure you know if you are in a historical area.  There are strict rules of altering the look of your home.

Know your market

I’m a modern kind of girl.  I love the grays, the rigid edged homes where it looks like no kids are allowed.  You can have nice cocktail parties, with your infinity pool toppling over the edge of a cliff.  Brightly colored, square umbrellas around the pool.  Tapas laid out on the counter of the outdoor kitchen.  The outdoor TV has the Spurs playing.  Looking into the ceiling to ground glass back of my home, I feel blessed that my paint store is doing so well.  However, I live in the middle of Texas and having land is a dream of any mother of a loud son.  We have homes that are “modern country.”  If I have 10 acres and my funky house, I have a narrow market to sell it to. The windows alone will annoy people in the hot summer.  The adobe homes, in the southwest, are gorgeous in their neutral matching tones.  If you painted your home a dark color, it just would not fit.

Not all paint fits

Not all paint fits every home.  Brick, stucco, hardy plank, wood all have different kinds of paints needed to maintain their integrity.  Make sure that you seek out a specialist at your local paint store. They will find you the right product.

If you have any questions about exterior paint, please contact me at the shop.  I can walk you through finding the right color and products for your home.


Painting the store has taken us over a month.  We have most of it completed, but had to restart multiple times.  Life happens.  We got hungry.  Our kiddo got hungry.    We had customers and meetings.    It seemed when we touched up one area, I would mess up and Bobby would have to fix it.  Then while speaking to customers, the little monster would paint something that he was not supposed to.  I could not even move my hands when I woke up.  They would be numb and stuck in a painting position.   I would have to break from painting for at least a day.  I also had to do Facebook live videos for everyone’s entertainment.  I still find paint everywhere.  I have washed the same pair of jeans every night for a month.   It was frustrating that my vision took over a day.
 We would have to take a break from painting.  This would drive me nuts.  When I have a task list, I want to cross it off as soon as possible.  Sometimes, I do other things off the list, then add them to the list just to cross off.  Anyway, as newlyweds, we soon learned a lot about each other.  Bobby has a weird thing called patience.  I would be upset if we did not finish one wall, touch ups, in one day.  I hated not cleaning up when we completed it.  I do not know why I have all these demands for myself, but I feel like its what is supposed to be done.  I have always been a rule follower.  I would try to breathe, go home,  feed the monster and pass out.  Monster has gone home with paint in his hair, ears, hands, shoes, etc.
Hi!  I’m CJ and I’m the worst painter in the world. One of my customers said,  “Your painting is going to give me a panic attack. There is not one straight line.”  She reminded me that there are PROFESSIONAL painters that do the exact thing I was trying to accomplish.    I’m proud of my husband for his painting abilities and patience with me.  He tried his best to get it done and stay up past midnight.  He needed backup though. This gave me the idea that many people might need a little help.  I can’t be the only untalented “cutter inner” in the world. 
So now you know why we are offering interior and exterior painting services.  Our pricing will be awesome compared to our competition.  We have the advantage of using our products at cost and working with a network of painters. 
Call me for a color consultation at 830-755-5115 and an estimate for painting.  You can also book at www.strattepaintshoppe.com/appointments. We look forward to our new painting adventure.  Let us make your life EASIER.  Don’t try this at YOUR home.
man holding yellow paint roller
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Put your money where your mouth is, BOERNE!

I’m getting ready to call myself and you out. Have you spent money in Walmart or Home Depot? Why? It is convenient and cheaper.

When I moved to Boerne, we did not have a Home Depot, Chilis, Sherwin Williams, Discount Tire, or Autozone. There were families that owned restaurants. You got your paint at a local shop. W&W has taken care of our tire needs for decades. Ritchies and Grahams were where we took our cars. The RIM and La Cantera were not even a vision. De Zavala blew up and was the closest place for a Sonic and McDonalds. Huebner Oaks was built while I was in high school and the closest place to watch a movie. These local businesses had experienced employees (or owners). They specialized in their professions and gave you first-class treatment. The local liquor store would put bottles of liquor outside if we called ahead and could not make it there before 8:00pm.

Businesses have mixed feelings about the growth. YES! We want more customers.
NO! We do not want to compete with box stores. The box stores have run small local businesses into the ground. When someone said they had a business, you assumed they had a nice home and car. I can’t even buy certain gallons of paint for the same price as Home Depot. We can only blame ourselves. We encouraged the big stores to come in here. We support them more than our neighbors.

Locals are very upset about all the growth. It has changed the environment and culture in the town. Our traffic is also hard to get used to. We see bumper stickers that say, “Boerne is Gone Forever.” My chest tightens when I think about the past. I miss the small town vibe. Would I let my son ride his bike down the streets of Boerne now? I do not have the same sense of security my parents enjoyed.

I challenge you to buy local. This will keep our landscape more familiar. Buildings won’t be knocked down and replaced with CVS. Our neighbors will be the same since they won’t have to move to find opportunity.

Local Business with Box Store Prices

Local Business with Box Store Prices

If you can't beat them, join them.  We are drastically reducing our prices.  Pricing seems to be the differentiation between small businesses and the box stores.  We went to Home Depot and saw at LEAST 15 people shopping for paint.  We are lucky to get that many people in a WEEK.  That was very discerning and disappointing.  Our paint store is locally and family owned.  Our livelihood depends on our community buying from us.  I just thought I should point out why you should shop local and entrust us with your painting needs.

What is different about Stratte Paint Shoppe and Home Depot?

  1.  We offer high quality paints such as Sikkens, PPG Breakthrough and Wondertones, Pratt and Lambert, Modern Masters and Old Masters.
  2. Our customer service is legit.  Not only can you see us the whole time you shop, you don't have to yell for help. We are eager to help.
  3. We have a place for you to sit, take notes, snap a few pictures.  Whatever you need to evaluate the needs of your home.
  4. If you call us, we can have the paint ready to go.  We take credit cards over the phone.
  5. We have a website to order paint and painting essentials.
  6. Our play area keeps your kids occupied so you can have a chance to think.
  7. We have connections.  If you are looking to do an accent wall, we know specialists.  If you need your deck stained, we know someone who can do that too.  If you have questions about the paint, we can get you in touch with the factory directly.
  8. We have coffee.
  9. We have margaritas (if requested).
  10. We have super cool paint brush pens that will be envied by all.

If this does not impress you, then we just ask for a shot.  Check out our store and see what makes us better.  Take your time shopping for your home.  You are going to have to live with it.


We want to paint the town red….RED HOT SALE.  We are so excited to be in Boerne and want to encourage you to shop local.  Please visit our paint shop!  

Ralph Lauren exterior paint, interior paint, faux paint is only $9.99 per gallon.  

Devoe interior paint, exterior paint, primer paint is only $12.00 per gallon. 

PPG paint, Pratt and Lambert paint, Proluxe (sikkens) Wood Stain, Old Masters Wood Stain, and Modern Master paint is full price unless you mention this blog to CJ and Bobby.  Code word is LIGHTHOUSE.  They will know what to do. ; ) 

Fiesta Grand Opening

OMG! I’m such a party planner. Planning the GRAND opening and our WEDDING in just a few months has been a dream come true. I can’t wait for ya’all to see the paint store. We love our products, PPG, Pratt and Lambert, Old Masters, Modern Masters, and SIKKENS, If you do faux, exterior/interior painting, or stain decks, you will LOVE our shop.

Being a Marketing Director for over a decade, I love hosting and attending events. My wedding was a breeze to plan because I expected Murphy’s Law to lurk around every corner. Murphy came out in full force by having me mess up my own invites, Then a family feud ensued, forcing me to change locations with only two months to spare. Luckily, the date was a very popular date (8/18/18) providing us a unique challenge. The kids knocked over the groom’s cake, Our beautiful transportation, a 1965 Rolls Royce, was being stubborn. My Matron of Honor was a disaster. Long story short, we can handle anything at this point!

The GRAND opening has a fiesta theme now. We will have a nacho bar by Taco Cabana. I’m going to be the bartender and bought a Jimmy Buffet Margarita blender that will sure to be a hit! The decorations are too cute to describe. Games will include a larger than life connect four and a custom bag toss game. There will even be an area for kids to play! You do not want to miss this event. Come meet us, The Stratte Family, on Sept. 14, 2018 from 3pm-7pm. Our shop is at 31007 IH-10 W. Ste 101 Boerne, TX 78006.

Labor Day

Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day? I always thought it was military related since red, white and blue is always associated with it. Honestly, I just thought it was the end of wearing white shoes.

I did a quick search and found that Labor Day recognizes the contributions and achievements of American workers. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

That being said, I wanted to give a shout out to all the hard workers that frequent our paint shoppe. Ask us for some water because we have it just for you! Painting in 100 degree weather is brutal and takes some skill. I definitely appreciate the skill level after painting my masterpiece for our Grand Opening. All the supplies we carry shows me that it is WAY more than a brush and a bucket.

Enjoy the long weekend! We will be here for you Saturday from 10am-2pm because we know you really won’t take the whole weekend off….