Put your money where your mouth is, BOERNE!

I’m getting ready to call myself and you out. Have you spent money in Walmart or Home Depot? Why? It is convenient and cheaper.

When I moved to Boerne, we did not have a Home Depot, Chilis, Sherwin Williams, Discount Tire, or Autozone. There were families that owned restaurants. You got your paint at a local shop. W&W has taken care of our tire needs for decades. Ritchies and Grahams were where we took our cars. The RIM and La Cantera were not even a vision. De Zavala blew up and was the closest place for a Sonic and McDonalds. Huebner Oaks was built while I was in high school and the closest place to watch a movie. These local businesses had experienced employees (or owners). They specialized in their professions and gave you first-class treatment. The local liquor store would put bottles of liquor outside if we called ahead and could not make it there before 8:00pm.

Businesses have mixed feelings about the growth. YES! We want more customers.
NO! We do not want to compete with box stores. The box stores have run small local businesses into the ground. When someone said they had a business, you assumed they had a nice home and car. I can’t even buy certain gallons of paint for the same price as Home Depot. We can only blame ourselves. We encouraged the big stores to come in here. We support them more than our neighbors.

Locals are very upset about all the growth. It has changed the environment and culture in the town. Our traffic is also hard to get used to. We see bumper stickers that say, “Boerne is Gone Forever.” My chest tightens when I think about the past. I miss the small town vibe. Would I let my son ride his bike down the streets of Boerne now? I do not have the same sense of security my parents enjoyed.

I challenge you to buy local. This will keep our landscape more familiar. Buildings won’t be knocked down and replaced with CVS. Our neighbors will be the same since they won’t have to move to find opportunity.